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By Karmayogi

Goodness is one of the three aspects of Sat - Sat Purusha. Each aspect of Sachchidananda splits itself into some aspects. Sat becomes Unity, Truth and goodness. Chit becomes knowledge and will. Ananda resolves itself into Beauty, joy and Love. When Truth acquires knowledge, Goodness is born. Some people are naturally good. Mother easily comes to them. They are pleasant, expansive, and ready to oblige, anticipating another person's needs. Generally good people are more interested in being good than in Mother, even when they are devotees. To them, goodness is a way of life, an instinct, an article of faith. They cannot refrain from being good.

Such goodness is found in people irrespective of education, status or other positive endowments. It exists by itself. Good people are in their elements when they express their innate GOODNESS. Ancient Tamil culture was an ethical culture. Thirukural is an ethical treatise, not a spiritual one. The purity of that ancient tradition remains unsullied in Jaffna. People there are frank, open, self-giving in the extreme. The normal human consideration of self-interest we call selfishness is not part of their schemes. To outsiders, they may appear credulous and gullible. Really, they are innocent of guile. Love thy neighbour is a live unspoken maxim in their lives.

There was a good girl born in a family not so good as she. They were NOT trying to marry her even at an advanced age. The members of the family conceived of a plan to dump her into a disadvantage in marriage. The girl preferred to remain unwed. Though she was working in Mother's atmosphere, she had no particular faith in Mother. She married into great advantage a citizen of
Canada who was from Sri Lanka. It was a family that lived in affection, showering attention on all members. She was smothered in affectionate attention. It is a family where excess savings are used to buy properties for those who have none. To them, it is an affectionate custom, a long ingrained usage in the family. The girl is unable to juxtapose her own family with her in-laws even in her imagination. They are poles apart. Mother has taken her to a family where every member exceeds her in native goodness. This is Mother's transformation of her atmosphere.

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