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Brahma Jananam

By Karmayogi

Brahman is the origin. It is the Eternal and Infinite. It is immutable. It is never born, nor does it grow. It knows no end. This is the description we know. This is the description of Mind's Infinity. Infinity is the opposite of Finite. Mind always sees anything as two opposites, light and darkness; pain and pleasure. Mind does not know, or cannot know light without darkness. Darkness cannot exist without light as it depends on it. There will be no shadow if light is not there. Shadow needs light for its existence. Light does not need shade or darkness for its existence. It is self-existent light. The higher world has self-existent Ananda, self-existent knowledge, etc. So its infinity too is self-existent. It is not the opposite of finite, but the Self-Existent.

We cannot deny any attribute to Brahman if Brahman is omnipotent. As we cannot attribute any quality to Brahman, we cannot also deny any attribute to Brahman, is Sri Aurobindo's explanation of the Brahman He realised. Brahman seen by the Mind is incomplete. We can say it has no birth or death. Brahman seen by the Supermind is complete Brahman. It can be born if it chooses or die if it chooses. Brahman is covered by Ignorance in our world. Brahman is of knowledge in the higher world. The complete Brahman emerging in our world from the ignorance is what is called Brahma Jananam. Its world is a world of MARVEL where there is no suffering, pain or death. It is the Supramental world which Sri Aurobindo worked to create on earth.

When you pray, your prayer touches this world. That is why prayers so far unanswered are now answered. Prayers to this Force never fail. All prayers, without fail, are answered. Often prayers grant more than we asked for, grant what we have not asked for. This Force sometimes grants what we do not know to be in existence. These are not the characteristics of the Brahman seen by the Mind. It was one aspect of Brahman - the immutable aspect. It is not the whole of Brahman. Sri Aurobindo says many in the past had achieved this in their inner life. No one has achieved it in the outer life also. Ramalinga Swamigal was one who achieved it inwardly.

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