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How Man Adores the Woman

By Karmayogi

In the film American President, the President falls in love with a lady at a committee meeting. After returning home, her former boyfriend Richard calls her. She abuses him and asks him not to call her anymore. He calls again and she virulently abuses him. He jokes that he is the President of the USand promises to call her again. Just then the real President calls her. She mistakes him to be Richard and abuses him on the phone, asking him if he thinks he is the President himself. The President is unnerved, but he still wants her. He insists he is the President and ask her to verify it by calling the White House switchboard number. Later they become friends. Over a particular political issue in which she is involved, the President is unable to keep his promise to her. Again her tirade is unleashed, this time in the White House itself. Still, he says he wants her. He goes to her house, sits outside and conduct a satyagraha until she accepts him. That is the Spirit in which man adores a woman and needs her before the marriage.

A man seeking God as this President sought this woman is sure to realise God. Man's seeking the woman romantically ends in marriage. If he continues to seek her response even after marriage, he will realise God; he will discover God in his wife. When man adores a woman, he is blind, blind to her failings. Therefore, he wins her. The woman represents life and life represents God. God, life or woman disclose the marvel as long as man seeks them as if he is blind. His blindness to their failings reveals their wonder. That is the spirit of scientific inquiry, yogic discipline or the demands of domestic life. The surest way to realise God in life is to shut our eyes to the evils in life created by God.

That Spirit will ultimately disclose the evil to be not evil, but pure GOODNESS. This way, discipline becomes desirable, punishment grace. It is only to the ego that there is punishment or discipline. To the non-ego, discipline is a condition of work, and punishment is an intense discipline. Sometimes, if not always, we do adore a leader or a father or a son like this. It turns out to be an illusion. At other times, it turns out gloriously. These are the distant hints of life of the future MARVEL that is to come. The spiritual truth is life is a wonder. Only the ego finds it differently. At times man sees good and at other times he sees evil. Sri Aurobindo says it is due to the partial vision of the ego. In fact, the vision of the ego is a distorted vision.

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