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Understanding Our Own Personality

By Karmayogi

Luck is the prized possession of human life, entirely not in our hands. This is our longstanding belief. As we choose an academic course, take a degree, pursue a profession and shine there, we can plan to acquire luck and succeed in it. Such a procedure has three stages in it. 1) Understand your Personality, 2) Acquire humility, and 3) Learn to convert humility into luck.

It means luck is a product of Personality. Luck is a material result outside. The most common event considered to be lucky is a prize in the lottery. The Americans consider striking oil lucky. In India, winning a lucrative contract with the government or getting elected to a high office is considered lucky. Man who meets with sixty percent failure in life considers sixty percent success as lucky. The Luck I am presenting is almost 100% success. When the two preceding conditions are fulfilled, LUCK responds.

By Personality I mean the deepest Person we are. Our pleasant exterior to our friends, we know, is not ourselves. It is for the outer social occasion. In spite of the good words uttered, we harbour different thoughts inside. Such inner thoughts vary from people to people. Our social friends do not enter our inner psychological fabric. Only our close members of the family and other intimate friends belong to that fabric. Even with them, even inside that psychological fabric, there are two levels - one expressed and the other unexpressed. The unexpressed is our true Person. It may be so out of polite sensitivity or a desire to be secretive. Even behind that Person lies a continent of inner emotions which is our Personality. Most of the time we know it. There are times when we see we act differently from that Personality. Let us consider this stage of our Personality.

What we see there requires no explanations. If they are good, we understand and accept it. If they are NOT good, we must come forward to change them into GOOD aspects. The dark aspects of Personality are incapable of creating luck. Understanding the aspects of our Personality is for the purpose of making our Personality entirely GOOD. A Personality that is GOOD in toto has the innate dynamism to create luck when it fulfils another condition also. We shall consider that process next. Its essence is to be Non-egoistic. When the ego is dissolved or denied scope for expression or assertion, humility develops. A good Personality is capable of creating luck through the attitude of humility. The Mother said She knew only one humble person and it was Sri Aurobindo. If humility is that exalted, can we ever attain it?

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