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Life of Organised Luck

By Karmayogi

Luck is elusive. How to organise it? Mexican immigrants enter USAillegally and feel they have entered heaven. To them, the new life is lucky. In the USA they belong to the poorest section of the population. Once they are there, there are innumerable opportunities which they can avail of and make a success of their lives.

Entry into
USA is to be lucky. Becoming a citizen and making the most of those opportunities is to organise luck. Very poor relatives of very rich industrialists generally do not have access into their family lives. Sometimes such access into their functions and families is accorded to them graciously. People rush to avail of such opportunities. What do they get? They feel the privilege. Maybe they attend their sumptuous dinners. Suppose the rich relatives, as a policy, patronize the poor relations and help them establish at a higher level of life. That is to organise luck.

In independent
India, society is trying its best at many points to raise people and establish them at a higher level of affluence. When a boy distinguishes himself at school or sports, sometimes the school and even the outside society come forward to consciously raise the boy to great heights and establish him there. The government does it to backward areas, backward industries or sectors of life. Such phenomena were not there anywhere in the world, on such a scale, before the advent of the Supramental Force. Certainly it was not there before Sri Aurobindo's birth.

Families have always organised the lives of its members. Now the society does it in some good measure. Communism contemplated organising the entire society into affluence and justice. As it took to state violence, there entered a deviation that was distortion. Mother ORGANISES luck in the lives of devotees who fully take to Her. Her Force aims at organising luck in life. In the measure of wisdom or modesty man is capable of, life endeavours to organise luck in his life. The instrument is humility which is made possible by a total knowledge of one's own Personality. To be lucky is great. It is to be swamped by the floods of lucky waves that descend on one. To organise luck in one's life is to raise that minimum to its maximum possibilities. Life today is unforgiving, ruthless. When the atmosphere changes, life will practise Self-giving. Man's true humility attracts that aspect of life which is organised LUCK.

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