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The French Revolution

By Karmayogi

Revolutions are landmarks in history. From the point of view of Spiritual evolution, revolutions are critical stages in the evolution of the earth. Mother says Sri Aurobindo was present on earth at every such critical stage. She too was with Him invariably. He says the French Revolution originated in the Himalayas. Anything fundamental anywhere in the world should originate in the Spirit, just as any new product of technology should originate in scientific research. Our science is called experimental science. Some people think it is material science, as it is the science of the material world. The phrase ‘life science' has come to stay. What the world needs is the Science of Life, a branch of knowledge that studies how life behaves. It may not be just psychology, but will include psychology. Psychology studies the behaviour of the Mind. Should a subject called 'Science of Spirit' come into existence, the occurrence of revolutions as the unfolding of the earth's evolution will be seen.

Sri Aurobindo has remarked on
India's evolution that it is a nation destined to lead the world spiritually. Apparently they are stray remarks inserted in various places. Only he who has the spiritual vision of what Sri Aurobindo stands for can know the significance of those statements and how they all go together around a central vision. The following are some of those statements that I can recollect now:

1. Nature resorted to foreign invasion to unite
Indiageographically, as all her previous efforts had failed. 2. India became FREE in the subtle plane in 1910. 3. Indian FREEDOM would lead to the freedom of Asia. 4. World union will come into existence. 5. Indiawill become the Guru of the world. 6. Mother has said that France will collaborate with India in this mission. 7. Indian bodies carry Spiritual light. 8. Americais in the vanguard of the earth's evolution. The Americans exhibit a curiosity to know of the evolutionary possibilities. 9. Sri Aurobindo said that he has played a role in the world wars, particularly in Ireland and Turkey. He also had a little to do with the Russian Revolution.

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