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Mathematical Precision in Life

By Karmayogi

The science of Astrology has reduced all the secrets of life to communicable details. It has found numbers an excellent vehicle. Mathematics is called the Queen of Sciences. Mathematics has reduced the laws of Nature to formulas, often to Numbers. The universe revealed to Einstein as a formula.

Formulation is understanding codified. Sri Aurobindo calls Napoleon a vibhuti. He ranks among Shankara and Shivaji. Historians often call Napoleon a mathematician.

A sound company is losing money for various reasons, say one crore a month. A finance manager who is interviewed for that post in the company studied the balance sheet and concludes, ‘‘This company is a losing concern not because of any inherent weakness, but because the cash flow needed is not there.''

When he tells the proprietor, ‘‘Give me two months expenses as cash, I shall wipe off the losses,'' the proprietor may or may not believe it. On the other hand, if he takes a paper and writes down the old and new expenses for the next two months, the proprietor can see the truth of what the candidate claims. That is the power of numbers, in fact, the Power of Mathematics. Mathematics is the form of Spirit in NUMBERS. In India we have further knowledge. If the proprietor believes what the candidate has worked out on paper, the Indian wisdom knows that that amount of money will come to him. Even in that belief, there are lower and higher sides. Life enables the proprietor to secure that much money as loan if the belief is of the lower order. When his belief is of the higher order, the same amount is generated from inside the company as profits.

Napoleon was good at seeing military campaigns in terms of numbers. He did so ahead of time. He calculated the time needed for the movement of supplies to the last detail, the requirement of ammunitions to the last shot. As he did it ahead of time and not after the problem precipitated, and believed it in the higher side, all those calculations came true. He became an Emperor. The higher side of belief is a belief based on knowledge, an idealistic belief. The lower side of belief is to believe in the benefits. It is mercenary. The Indian wisdom is spiritual wisdom. It is like the brilliance of a thousand suns of the Gita. Mathematical precision in life is one ray of that wisdom. To train ourselves in our ancient wisdom, not in the American lifestyle, is the path to Prosperity.
One must give up rituals as well as falsehood.

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