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Every Truth has its Opposite Truth

By Karmayogi

This is a statement of Sri Aurobindo. Though it is a truth of life, it sounds somewhat strange to us. How this can be is a question that arises in the mind. Most rules have exceptions. Some are absolute rules. They have no exception. We believe we must be good. It is true. But, there is a desire to extend it. We say next that if you are good, you will prosper. This is not always true. We see that people of bad character also prosper. Maybe they prosper more than good people. When a rule is not absolute, its opposite is also true. The very first step in creation is Sat emerging out of Brahman. As soon as Sat emerged, Asat came into existence. Asat is as much true as Sat is true. The entire creation is out of Sat-Existence. Therefore, each valid truth has an opposite truth that is valid.

Let us consider some such statements. One who reads voraciously becomes wise. Its opposite is also true. Some of the wise men were illiterate. God is just. The world knows of innumerable injustices which God permits. Great souls are adored by the society. Great souls were persecuted often. A rich man is generous. There are misers among rich men. A poor man is debt ridden and America is the richest country.

Therefore many nations have invested their money with America with the result that America owes money to a lot of nations. Truth wins. The Truth of Jesus was defeated. Education enhances one's income. Uneducated people often earn more than educated persons. We see spirituality goes with cleanliness. We also very often see the opposite. The most spiritual nation in the world, India, is also a dirty nation.

Tradition says Paramatma is final. Others say Jivatma is final. Brahman includes Paramatma and Jivatma, and therefore Brahman is final, says Sri Aurobindo. There are times when a very just man is punished. Sometimes we receive such a punishment. To know that that punishment is of higher justice is a spiritual view of life. It is here the above rule or principle is valid. There is a story about Vigneshwara and Vasishta. Someone who was carrying food to Vigneshwara was stopped and questioned where he was going. He answered, ‘‘I am carrying food to Vigneshwara who is on eternal fasting. He sits on the other side of the river bank where Vasishta, the eternal brahmachari with a hundred children, resides.''

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