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Minor Injustices of Life Consciousness

By Karmayogi

Minor injustices of life are major incidences of grace is a statement that raises an outrage even in a saint. Man is normal when such indignities are not meted out to him. One is most pleased when life offers complete justice in minor matters. Spiritually it is at those points God is trying to enter our being. We put up a furious resistance and proclaim to the world, ‘‘This is an unjust world. People are bad. No one is reliable, not even the kith and kin. I am afraid I shall grow cynical and selfish. Maybe I shall lose my faith in God Almighty.''

For one who has taken to invoking the Spirit, the opposite occurs. Life changes, and the very atmosphere of family is transformed. Of a sudden, children seem to need you more affectionately. The boss who usually frowns, suddenly SMILES, the wife after a long break of dry years becomes intimate, handsomely acknowledges your worth, reviving the earlier days of romance when her looks were flattering. One seems to be floating on the crest of psychological admiration. The Spirit, thus, gives what the surface being was unsuccessfully craving for all these days.

Next comes another phase in which your depth, called the subliminal, wants the Spiritual reward. Being aware of its innate impatience, the depth asks the Spirit for Patience. The deep personality knows the surface does not like patience at all. The depths - the subliminal - compel the surface to seek work by which it can learn Patience. The surface mind foolishly but eagerly joins a club attracted by the eloquence of its president who admires you. Very soon you find out the president is unpardonably slow. On the day of your office inspection, the club president delays you when your nerves are on fire. A quarrel issues, nerves breakdown. You feel you cannot meet him any more.

It scarcely occurs to you that after that provocative meeting with the president, you are a whit less impatient. After all, you are free to disoblige the club president on the day of inspection. You are your own master of this situation. Still you honoured his invitation and he mortally offended you. It is a minor injustice having major consequences in your official life. Behind the president's outrageous behaviour lies the Hand of God, known as grace, that responded to the urge of your deeper personality. Minor offences are Mother's caressing embrace is a bitter pill now. When we offer a smiling welcome to the touch of such destabilizing approaches of life, WISDOM dawns on us. It is God's embrace.

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