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‘I am Lost in the Work'

By Karmayogi

He is blessed who is lost in the work. Such people are efficient as their concentration is total. Whatever they are or not, their efficiency is par excellence. Such people are a matter for envy. ‘‘He won't notice you for hours when he is immersed in work'' is the comment they evoke. Invocation of Spirit is something that is commendable. Anyone drawn to Spirit can invoke the Spirit when they go in. The response will be instantaneous and magnificent. There are times when we face problems too big for our personality. At such times we feel 'it is not for me'. We exclaim, ‘‘I cannot handle it.'' The Spirit can handle what we cannot handle. It demands a concentration more intense than the one that makes us lost in the work.

Indira Gandhi was pleased by the driver of a Chief Minister. She asked him to come to Delhi. After that, he was incapable of thinking of anything else. It would never occur to a man in that situation to invoke the Spirit so that it may fulfil the opportunity of Indira's invitation. There are equally dangerous situations in life suddenly precipitating. A lady was called at her desk in the office and told her brother was in an accident. How can she think of the Spirit, Mother or anything else? That lady did. She did not panic. She forgot the news and called Mother. Phone calls regarding her brother came from several sides. She was unmoved and was centred in the Mother. Ten minutes later the brother appeared and explained how the misinformation had come. Mind must go to MOTHER.

At a crucial moment like this, to wean the Mind from the issue and direct it to the Mother inside is very difficult. We say the Mind goes to work and is lost there. When we know that it is not the Mind that does the work, but it is the Spirit, that knowledge enables the Mind to detach itself from the work and direct it to the Mother inside. The knowledge that Mother does the work and not the mind makes it possible. It is consecration. When news comes that a child is lost, who can think of the Mother? He who thinks of the Mother will get his child back. Consecration is for the householder. Surrender is the next higher step. There we go inside, lose ourselves in Mother and let HER do the work. It is yoga. The rule is consecration is for the householder and surrender is for the yogi. The householder is not prevented from surrender. As it is too exacting, it is not demanded of him to solve his domestic problems.

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