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Undeserved Luck

By Karmayogi

A reader writes that she was the recipient of undeserved Luck. She has not said whether it is because of the Spirit she invoked or by what circumstances. Those who feel they deserve luck do not get it. Luck seeks those who feel that they do not deserve it. Feeling that they do not deserve it is a kind of true inner humility. It attracts luck. As air rushes to a point of low pressure, Luck looks for a human point that is not self-sufficient. This is a rule of Nature in the widest sense. Nature works at different points at different times guided by her own Purpose. Towards that end Nature employs the attitudes exhibited by different faculties. Science was developed in Europewhich was proud of its scientific culture. Pride stands in the way of further development. So, Nature moved away from the self-sufficient Europeto develop further. The next step is not so much Science as scientific technology. Nature chose a humble population of the USAfor that purpose.

Spirit developed in
India. It reached its acme, rather its penultimate peak. Nature, for her own purposes, did not want to complete the further development of the Spirit in India. She moved away. She set about developing Mind, Vital, Science, Organisation, Technology in other parts of the world. Now she has finished one round working in various parts of the world. It is time Nature comes back to Indiaand completes her work in the development of Spirit. So far, Spirit developed to seek its own fulfillment in moksha. That is not God's original intention in creation. God who became Sat and Spirit converted that Spirit into Supermind, Mind, Life and Matter. All of them - Mind, Life, Matter - are really Spirit disguised.

God's delight lies in the original delight of the Spirit. It comes out when the original Spirit hidden in Mind, Life and Matter emerges on the surface. In that case the Bliss of moksha comes to earthly life, Bhuloga Swargam. Nature will start that phase only when the self-sufficient pride of the Spirit in its superiority gives way. Nature needs humility to continue its progress.
Indiawas humbled by foreign rule, poverty and low status. Though practically humbled, even humiliated, the inherent pride of the spiritual possession is abundantly present here. The feeling that we deserve greater luck or better treatment is there in many ways. One is expectation. For Nature to raise India's spiritual stature to that the Guru of the world, Indiashould part with spiritual ego and acquire spiritual humility.

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