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Spirituality is Equality

By Karmayogi

Religion has a gradation. The ONE is the illumined one whom all look up to, which is right. Mother says the days of religion are over, the future is for Spirituality. The Spirit is Brahman. It creates the solar system and an anthill. Brahman is a whole. It can only be a whole. It can give itself only as a whole. It cannot give itself as a part. Brahman cannot give a part of Himself. The character of Brahman being a whole can never be parted for a moment. I am a man. My body is a whole. My body cannot move in parts. It can move itself only as a whole. I go to buy a fruit. It is a small work. I go to buy a house. One is small and the other is greater. To both works, I can go only as a whole man; I cannot send a small part of mine to do a small work. In creation Brahman gives Himself equally fully to the solar system and the anthill. The solar system is of infinite proportion; the anthill is insignificant in its appearance. In essence both are equal.

A father gives his children an equal portion of his wealth. One builds a house, buys a car, lives grandly. The other keeps the money safe and lives poorly. In appearance one is small and the other is great. In essence both are equal. Two voters are equal. One enters politics and becomes the head of the nation; the other is in a humble situation. The difference is great in their appearance, not in their spiritual essence. The humble man acquires experience in his humble position. Looking into his humble experience with spiritual penetration, we see the same spiritual growth in both. That is why Sri Aurobindo said the Westerner has discovered Brahman in Matter.

The whole of humanity will find all its members one fine morning REALLY equal if Spiritual Equality is realised. The Indian has the spiritual light in his body. The Westerner knows the Spirit in his work. The Indian's prosperity will rise equal to the Westerner's prosperity when he draws upon the Spiritual Truth within him. The Westerner will discover his inner spirit when he sees his material accomplishment is a spiritual result. Looking at it as material results, he is prevented from rising to his spiritual heights. The Indian will be stuck in his poverty if he sticks to his rituals. Rituals become false when divorced from knowledge.

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