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The Rewards of Life

By Karmayogi

That a good man must be rewarded with success of all descriptions is an ingrained ideal in us. Looking at several successful people, we discover little goodness is there. Whatever goodness is there is by chance or mistake, not by the law that goodness is rewarded. We also witness the phenomenon that extremely successful people are false, mean, wicked, evil and corrupt. This fact has baffled the conscience of humanity. It is noteworthy that all of them will certainly have one major point of goodness, usually a pleasant exterior. It is true these people are false, etc. It is equally true that to maintain that one external appearance of goodness, they have to deny themselves the expression of several wicked urges.

All such people are, without exception, alert in the extreme. Alertness is to keep the whole being open. Though they keep their whole being open so that they may accomplish their design, that opening is rare in the human individual. The Force enters his being through that opening. Good people sure of their goodness and their belief that it must be rewarded remain unalert, closed. They do not resort to this OPENING, which is a necessary door for the Spirit or Force to enter. Put in other words, the false man is always organising himself for action, as he knows a little slackening on his part will lead to his total loss. The good man is under no such threat and he keeps quiet. The constant organisation of the evil man makes him dynamic. Dynamism results in success.

Life is organised, full of energy, constantly on the move. Spirit is much more so. Life and Spirit seek brisk, alert, open, dynamic, energetic beings. For one reason or another, those we know to be false meet the requirements of life as well as Spirit. Life is amoral too. Spirit is above morality. Life does not discard the evil man, as she can work through evil just as she can through good. Because Spirit is above morality, it disregards the evil in the man when it finds him full of energy. We often hear good people say, ‘‘All my life I have worked, but at last this evil man came and robed me of the rewards of a lifetime.'' Evil may succeed exceptionally but not forever. Good rarely succeeds, but when it is a success, it remains a success forever. Spirit invoked offers GOOD unfailing success that is everlasting.

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