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Sarva arambha Parithyagi

By Karmayogi

Man thinks and acts, sometimes acts on impulse. In either case, he initiates an act. To allow the Spirit to act through him, he has to sacrifice his capacity for initiation - arambha. One who sacrifices - thyagi - all his initiatives - Sarva arambha - is a yogi. The Rishis sought moksha, the most arduous work man knows. Living in the forest, starving for days, protecting himself from poisonous reptiles and ferocious animals, the Rishi had to concentrate on his Spirit which is tapas. Nowhere has Man discovered a more dangerous adventure. Literally thousands after thousands of Rishis attained their goal of moksha. Hence their spiritual light is in our bodies. Those heroes saw it would be a greater hazard to transform the body or even life.

Our lives are lives of involuntary impulses. We do not initiate these acts. They initiate themselves. How can you sacrifice thirst or hunger or any impulse for that matter? Sri Aurobindo's yoga requires it in toto and in full perfection. As I am addressing the grahasta, let me confine myself to mental impulses. The life and body are for the yogi. We know the mental urge to interrupt another's speech. To sacrifice that urge is to be civilised. Should one achieve it, he will be popular overnight at home and at the office. A good listener is a successful executive. This capacity is one of fifty mental urges. I wish our householder who invokes the Spirit sacrifices all those fifty urges. Should he succeed, he will become a national celebrity in his profession or maybe an international celebrity.

Immediately if the reader seriously tries to sacrifice - thyaga - half a dozen mental impulses, he will be catapulted into permanent LUCK. Each urge, to be explained, needs two or three articles of this length. If the URGE to dominate children, wife, subordinates, submissive friends is sacrificed to perfection, one's inner life will be one of spiritual Peace, and his outer life will be saturated with what may be termed Spiritual opulence. One version of it will be the rise in income ten-fold. As long as you get it, do two things: 1. Don't argue how it was possible, and 2. Discover your own mental state that brought about that LUCK. If you discover it, please write to me. It will be self-explanatory and will enable you to make it a permanent faculty. With that individual, I consider, any relationship is a privilege.

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