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Consecration in the Subtle Plane

By Karmayogi

Consecration means to transfer the work to the Divine. Instead of doing a work for ourselves, we do it for the Divine. In a work so consecrated, we can see it takes place more smoothly than usual. It will come to a pleasant conclusion. One can see the normal obstacles are absent. Sometimes the usual troublemakers will cooperate. Consecration makes a protracted work encumbered by several obstacles smooth, pleasant, and quick. This is the experience of devotees.

What then is the consecration in the subtle plane? Whether it is the physical plane or subtle plane, the procedure of work remains the same. In the subtle plane, work is very swift, and the procedure will be smooth beyond expectation. A college admission has its procedures. When you seek the help of someone in the college office, it becomes easier. How easy it is depends on the status of your friend in the office. The Principal too cannot dispense with the procedures. When the Principal wants to oblige you with the admission, work moves from the top down. Its character is different. Consecration in the subtle plane is of that character. Our personality is in grades. At the lowest is the physical personality. At the top is the spiritual personality. Each plane - physical, vital, mental - has its subtle extension.

We were invited by a Cabinet Minister for some advice on matters agricultural. The Minister was impressed by our programme. He called his secretary and entrusted him with the work. The work passed through 25 meetings and one and a half years. We didn't know the status of the programme. Our member was wondering about the inordinate delay. Then we considered consecration and consecration in the subtle plane. Within one week someone who came for a professional work spoke about agriculture. Seeing a copy of the programme, he said he had a hundred acres at his disposal. Next week he brought the news that his friend was willing to invest Rs 1.5 crores. The foreign consultant was in India on another work. We called an experienced farmer to consult him about a candidate for managing the farm. On his own, he offered to manage it. What could not be done in one and a half years, happened in two weeks.

Our personality exists from physical to the Spiritual. Taking up consecration, it will be successfully completed in due time by physical consecration. At the level of Spiritual consecration, it is capable of abridging the time to one tenth. The higher the consecration, the better the result. Supramental consecration is capable of yielding instantaneous results.

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