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The Power of Co-ordination

By Karmayogi

Co-operation is to offer direct help in a work. Co-ordination is to alter our work in such a way that another person's work will be facilitated. The sugar mill's scheduling its crushing operation in time with the farmers' cutting the cane is co-ordination. Such co-ordination is vital for many functions. Where it is not vital for its survival, such co-ordination creates a new opportunity that spreads to the end of the world. Families that know this truth in some fashion rise sky-high. For personal progress one can coordinate his various faculties or talents. An industry which tries to consciously coordinate with the different wings of the society will soon spread all over the state or the nation.

A hundred crore organisation that tried to coordinate its activities with a tiny organisation gave birth to a new lease of life in both companies. The Boy Scouts is a service organisation. A newspaper serves as a media. They do not think in terms of one another. The fact is the Scouts need media coverage. The newspaper never thinks in terms of how much expansion its circulation can have when they organisationally relate to each other. Co-ordination is a great powerful principle. For that to yield results, an equally great strategy is needed on both sides. Some decades ago universities in America tried to consciously relate to their social environment. One result was the birth of the Community College. Thoughtful coordination generates new institutions all over.

The Internet is the latest miracle organisation. The world has been singing its praises for nearly a decade. One well-known writer classified it as a result of the marriage between telecommunication and computer. If a family of five or six people fully understands and appreciates this principle of co-ordination and practises it religiously, after a few decades that family will be spread all over the map, while their compeers will be local luminaries. To locate one's faculties - Memory, Intelligence, Imagination, Patience, Capacity, etc. - and intelligently co-ordinate them will raise one in his career to the position he would normally achieve at the time of retirement. The power of punctuality is famous. It is hailed as the manners of Princes. The power of co-ordination is a
Himalayacompared with efficient punctuality. It is based on Harmony. Mother sorely felt its absence in Her work.

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