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How Consecration Accomplishes Itself

By Karmayogi

Consecration accomplishes. To consecrate means to make sacred. Doing a work for ourselves is human. To do it for the Divine is consecration. When you protect the weak from the cruelty of the strong, you protect that individual. It is a personal help to him. It is an individual act benefiting a single individual. Suppose you consecrate that act of protection, consecration accomplishes that act. A magistrate punishing the offender upholds the law and announces to all cruel persons that they would be punished. The magistrate protects all possible victims by punishing one of them. As you are consecrating, instead of trying to protect your friend, if you feel the cruelty to weak people, your protecting one man will, through consecration, offer protection to all weak people.

As the character of consecration becomes deeper, the results will be wider. Also the results will be quicker. There is a beyond. It is not merely to protect the weak. It is to prevent the strong from being cruel. Consecration at that level will be comprehensive and instantaneous. This whole thing sounds merely theoretical. How can we practise this principle? In our own personality there are various levels. The same work can be consecrated from various levels with varying results. Take the issue of a man losing his job. It may be due to a punishment or retrenchment. Even when he gets the job back, he will see it takes a few weeks or some months after an administrative ordeal. Consecration makes things positive and possible, but it acts according to the depth from which it is consecrated.

In one case, it comes back to him after a few months. In another, he gets it in a week. Standing on the extreme borders of his personality, had he consecrated the loss of job as soon as he received the orders, he would have witnessed the miracle of the tide changing in his favour and the next day or the day after his orders being cancelled. It will not go on record at all. Consecration always accomplishes. The deeper you are centred in your personality, the quicker is the result. One is generally on the surface of his personality. He has to go to the depths. In doing so, he walks into the various planes of subtlety. The more subtle, the more powerful. To be able to consecrate in the most powerful way and get the greatest result, one should catch the thought as soon as it enters us. To do so, we must be constantly thinking of The Mother.

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