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The Wisdom of Superstition

By Karmayogi

When patients or clients have to choose a doctor or lawyer, they look for the most qualified and popular. The perceptive population will raise the question, is the man known for RASI? It is actually known as kairasi. What the client desires to know is not how experienced the lawyer is, but whether he wins the cases. It is consummate wisdom popularly considered rank superstition. The wonder of life is when the rational, sophisticated, superior clients discover their lawyers or doctors have miserably failed, they do go to these rasi professionals and have themselves cured. A greater wonder is that the next time they need a doctor, they will avoid the rasi doctor.

There was a town with a good foreign population. There were very highly qualified experienced doctors. One man got jaundice. He went to the best of doctors. It did not pay. Profoundly sophisticated arguments accumulated. There was no cure. Another man was afflicted. He went to another doctor. The same story repeated. Almost all the foreigners were infected by jaundice. No one was cured. At last a American woman developed the symptoms of jaundice and was diagnosed with it by a leading physician in the town. In spite of their being foreigners, they had faith in someone. He directed her to a diploma holder who had served in the military and was known for his rough treatment. That doctor asked, ''Are you eating papaya.'' ''Yes'' was the answer. ''You are not suffering from jaundice. Stop eating papaya and the symptoms will disappear. There is no harm in eating them. The jaundice symptoms will reappear. Don't be alarmed.'' There was a great relief in the foreign population.

Kairasi expresses through common sense. Often when a professional has kairasi, he is not endowed with simple common sense, but the rasi, in spite of his stupidity, manages to bring out the right result. What is known as RASI is the spiritual force and wisdom which acts best through intelligence and common sense. Even in their absence, it manages through a circuitous erroneous route to bring about the most excellent results. Invocation of the Spirit, calling Mother, inner calm, poise, incapacity to react, the sheet anchor of spiritual Peace, the wisdom that sees vulgar abuse as God's choice gift, in short the quintessence of Indian spiritual culture that makes a brute of a man into an ethical, moral, civilised, spiritual individual of desirable manners can give one that RASI in an ever-increasing abundance.

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