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Flawless Perfection

By Karmayogi

Work is done well or not. Its result is in proportion to the efficiency. When it is not done well, there will be no result. Whatever the work, it requires an energy, interest, skill, attention, concentration, experience and perfection. If all of them are there, the work gives good results. If it is food, it tastes good. If it is a wedding function, it ends with a note of all-round satisfaction. When a tailor makes a pair of shorts in the above description, the customer finds it fits well. If any of the above elements are lacking, it results in a shabby product and starts a quarrel.

We gave Bharat Vidya Bhavan a 100 page booklet containing the findings of the International Commission on Peace and Food, intending to submit it in a personal meeting with the Prime Minister. It was printed partly at our cost. The pages were altered, the tabular column was in a different place, and errors abounded. On being questioned, the press manager said that we must learn to live with them. It was done at the insistence of the Chairman of Bhavans. To say the least, they should have properly reprinted it or returned our contribution. It was the height of irresponsible callousness. We never made any claim. That was the standard of a premier organisation in 1995. They are a species who will sooner or later be extinct. In a competitive market of increasing quality, they cannot survive long. Work, especially work taken as a token experiment of discovering the Infinite out of the finite, MUST be perfect, flawlessly perfect. We often hear of several people who rise meteorically. In them you will find at least one element of flawless perfection. That is why they rise.

I invite people to undertake any simple work and do it flawlessly to perfection. It may be printing a book, conducting a meeting, negotiating a deal, etc. Should it qualify for flawless perfection, the next moment they will be catapulted to a high position. It may be 99% successful. For that single flaw the result will be like the snake in ''snakes and ladders''. That person will drop down. In life he may be utterly ruined. In Mother, he will certainly not be ruined, but the loss will be great. Instead of the Chief Ministership that beckoned him through perfection, this flaw will make him the P.A. to the C. M. Those who have absolutely no talents and understand themselves as USELESS, if they have faith in Mother and try along these lines, they will gradually receive all the above qualifications one after the other, so that they may attempt the flawless perfection in time.
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