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The Power of Will

By Karmayogi

I was attending a student meeting conducted outside a god-forsaken house, as those were dangerous days to talk of freedom. At the age of 18 or 19 the heart longs for intense affection. Someone of my age standing close to me came near and asked who I was. I briefly replied. As both of us were students of the university, he asked why I should not shift my house next to his. My heart jumped in joy as someone unknown till that moment could shower that physical affection. Today is his birthday and my heart goes to him though I have not met him for twenty years due to my discipline. He whom I gave up lives in my emotions rich and full. That is the power of emotional will. One may have ideas, ideals, launch actions, but what achieves is the STRENGTH of his will, especially the Will of his emotions.

A prominent chin expresses the determined opinion that has no strength of personality. The stiff body with the stomach pushed slightly forward shows the pride of emptiness. Emptiness is the psychological expression of poverty. What achieves is will, the strength of will, the organisation of will, the knowledge of will, the clarity of the structure of will. One who has it, enjoys it and uses it. What about those who do not have a will of their own? A flexible thumb is total absence of will. A stoop of the body is lack of energy. When energy is lacking, will does not form itself. Life has a process of forming the will and strengthening it. It puts him under a dominant person who orders him about, tyrannises over him, and metes out cruel treatment. Often such people are starved but are awarded double the load of work. To do double the work with an empty stomach, one needs a will stronger than others. It is physical will.

If you are the best worker in an organisation, the boss in the presence of others ridicules you as inefficient. The vital revolts. Not to revolt but to nod assent requires enormous strength of vital will. The most intelligent man is classified as the dullest of the lot. The mind is disgusted. Not to be disgusted or to continue the normal behaviour overcoming the mental disgust requires the Iron will of the Mind. This is the process of life to develop the will. The process is inescapable. When the Spirit is invoked, the suffering of long years is abridged into short months. If you go deep down into your personality, then you will see it is not the depth. Going down further, you will feel as if you are at the bottom of the ocean. Even this is not the depth. Cross it. There will be splendour of brilliant white light. That is the Spirit. If you call Mother from there, the will will become formidable.
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