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800 Years of Slavery

By Karmayogi

Man is moral. To him the good man must be rewarded, the evil man must be destroyed. Life is wider than morality. It is amoral. Man's view is mystic. Life's vision spreads over the universe.

Very often Life wantonly does things that Man abhors. Sri Aurobindo says that life works through good as well as evil. A parent gives greater, apparently unjust attention to a refractory child, much to the annoyance of the well-behaved child. To the parent what is important is the refractory child should become a normal child. That annoys the good child. Man is like a good child. The good child should appreciate the parents attending on the bad child much to the neglect of himself. It is too difficult to expect it. That is the subtle secret of significance of Nature.

Let us look at India's slave past. Eight hundred years ago the Muslims invaded India, and gradually united three-fourths of the country. It was a resort of Nature. Nature wants India to spiritually lead the world as she has reached the acme of the Spirit. But the foundation is physical. Our legends speak of 56 kingdoms of the north. The truth was India was in hundreds of principalities, potententates, and fiefdoms. The Guru of the world cannot be ruled by his servant, children, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brothers or wife. To discharge the duty of the Guru, he must be a master of his household. India needed to be united geographically, if she is to offer spiritual leadership to the world. As the Muslims did not go beyond a certain limit, Nature brought in the Westerner who united India, Burma, Malaya, Singapore, Ceylon, etc. Spiritual short-sightedness, insisting on non-practical strategies, has again split India into three parts. What is the Truth?

Man is not moral. Life is not moral. Nature is amoral. Man who is exceedingly moral, when it comes to touch his deep seats of sensitivity, becomes inmmoral. This is what all of us know. Life rewards the scoundrel, the rogue. Why should we expect Nature to be moral? God is behind and beyond. It is man's wisdom to expect God to reward the good man and punish the evil one. One who has realised God inwardly should see HIM act outside. It is his spiritual wisdom to SEE the right, good and morality in what God does, in what happens, instead of clamouring for silly ideas of 'human justice'. That is why Shakespeare said marriages are made in heaven. He who sees his wife, whatever SHE is, as an angel, and who is able to see God in her face, is a God-realised soul.
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