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The Power of the Word

By Karmayogi

A lady moved to Pondicherry from Kerala and rented a house. Close to her office, an apartment complex arose. She had no idea of shifting in view of various problems. A young man was constantly speaking,

‘‘This complex is coming up for you. It is God's Grace. Don't raise all your normal questions. Book an apartment here.'' All those around him knew the young man's impractical propensities and saw multiple problems in the move, so it was taken as the Wisdom of the unwise. Some time later she rented an apartment in that complex, somewhat compelled by circumstances. In the next few years, she bought the apartment. That is the POWER of the word untinged by mental formations. Some people have noticed that several statements of that young man have come true in one fashion or another.

A young boy was staying in a friend's house studying with absolutely no hope of passing SSLC. The friend, as a refrain, used to say, ‘‘ I wish you become an industrialist.'' It passed for a joke. Today he is one of the lending industrialists of the country, the leader in his sector. The reader can recall dozens of such experiences. Words are powerful in the extreme, as it is one word that created the whole universe. When we speak or think or feel, it is important we speak or think good thoughts, speak excellent words that will please the hearer.

A man became bankrupt. Luck or Mother smiled on him, his fortunes turned, all his problems were solved, and he became as affluent as he had been. All that happened through so many circumstances, but he got no job, no income. Therefore, sometime he became the object of ridicule by unfavourable characters. When asked 'what is he doing now?' a perverse man in a jocular mood took joy in replying, ‘‘Oh, he is being a husband!'' The victim was mortally offended. Two years passed. The man who made that caustic comment lost his job and began living on his wife's income. Of course, fortune smiled on him, his position too was revived for the better, but his ORIGINAL job was NOT restored. Words spoken by mistake gave Kumbhakarnan eternal sleep. The intention of Lord Krishna made Kuchela Kubera. One who was incapable of being a volunteer in a municipal election was told by a kind friend, ‘‘I wish you become the Municipal Chairman.'' The other man took offence, felt fooled, protested, and shouted. Years later, the protestor became a Municipal Council Member when an ad hoc committee was formed.
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