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Personality of an Act

By Karmayogi

There was a dull boy in a rich house. He was enamoured of an employment. In a local school he was employed as an attendant in the laboratory. Being a wealthy boy, he had access to every big officer and every VIP of the town. He was not inclined to work. Later rules changed, he became a clerk, known as a writer of the school. The headmaster, the office and others had several jobs to be done in the many local offices. These jobs used to be pending for months for want of access to the chief of the office. This boy had an easy access to all of them. He could approach the local R.D.O on friendly terms, as he was a member of the tennis club where this boy was a star. His son was a moron. Teachers passed him year after year. When he came to SSLC, many took a great interest in the boy unsolicited. It was a miracle he passed. He moved to the district headquarters. The same phenomenon repeated. This boy who could not pass 8th standard took a degree on the strength of the intense interest of so many kindly professors who were the beneficiaries of his father's benevolence.

This is a simple phenomenon. But behind it lies the spiritual principle of attention. Attention is spiritual. Pay attention to a book, a pencil, a tumbler, any object or anything. It pays it back to you with double vigour, even without your soliciting it. That is the power of attention. Attention matures into affection, which is the lower form of love. Love is the mental aspect of BLISS, a part of Sachchidananda. It is NOT known in life that what you have paid attention to failed to return it with gratitude. Spiritual attention continues to grow even after one stops it. Someone tried to teach some knowledge and a little English to another person. Life parted them. Years after when they met, it was discovered that the feeble initial effort, taken with serious kindly interest only for a few months, had led the other person to take one degree after another. It gave him degrees in succession. Attention is great. Spiritual attention is not only great, but is capable of growing on its own like a plant that has struck roots deep in the soil. Someone had a habit of helping whoever came to him with whatever help he needed, whether it was his duty or not. Later in life, every half a rupee he spent unsolicited came back to him as half a lakh of rupees. Once or twice it became half a crore of rupees.
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