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Native Efficiency

By Karmayogi

It is an acknowledged fact that in matters of efficiency the USAand India are poles apart. It is an unseen truth that the native Indian efficiency is far superior to any other. It is a truism of life that, if such a fact is true, somewhere, in some measure, a little of it can be seen. If Indians look for such expressions, they will certainly find something somewhere. Of course, there are many silver linings. The actual truth is we look up to American for everything. Today an eminent speaker at a convocation said, ‘‘We all want to go to the USA. Very soon a day will come when Americans will wish to come to India. Not that we have no talents, but we are unaware of them.'' Some months ago, a bank held a three-day Expo to grant housing loans. Next to that building a newspaper under the immediate guidance of an American expert held another Expo for another purpose. It was a success. A few days later, two people, one from the bank and the other from the newspaper met and discussed their respective success. In those three days that bank had granted loans to the tune of 144 crores on the spot. When the American expert heard of it, he said, ‘‘It would take a few months in my country to accomplish this feat. I never realised Indians had this efficiency.'' He does not know what happened. Nor do I.

I guess in times of emergency, organisations like banks give a long rope to their employees. This means they are not bound by the very strict procedures of the organisation during that period. Once that is granted de facto or de jure, the native talents of the employees come to the surface. Basically they act within the rules of their organisation but on the spot they exercise their discretion. It means to me there arises an unconscious occasion for the Indian to be in his elements, unfettered by the dead rigidity of the alien bureaucratic organisation.

I see this as one of the silver linings of our Future. These are occasional sparks. What will happen when
India is determined 1) not to imitate other nations thoughtlessly, 2) to discover her original spiritual strength and 3) to fashion a national ORGANISATION that expresses our genius through modern technology?
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