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By Karmayogi

When something is rare, it is the general tendency to consider it divine or meant for the rare gifted. There was a time when a car was so considered. Every new invention enjoys that rare status in the beginning for some years or even some centuries. I have not met a single individual or read a single book which sees an exact parallel to life events such as technology and spiritual events. Even in a country like ours where hundreds and thousands of God-men walked among us, the common conception is, ‘‘This is not for me.''

I do not like the phrase spiritual technology. For want of another elegant phrase I am incapable of coining, I wish to state that the presently considered rare spiritual possessions - telepathy, spiritual cure, materialisation, de-materialisation, leaving the body and entering another body, performing miracles, etc. - can one day become common possessions. As we witness technology spreading, one day spiritual technology too will spread all over the world.

There are people who can multiply 17 digit numbers by another number in a trice. It is one expression of genius. Genius has emerged in mathematics, music, language, astronomy, painting, dancing, literature and in general too. The spiritual hierarchy starts from the Absolute Brahman and goes down to Matter. It is, 1) Brahman, 2) Sat, 3) Chit, 4) Ananda, 5) Supermind, 6) Overmind, 7) Intuitive Mind, 8) Illumined Mind, 9) Higher Mind, 10) Human Mind, 11) Life, 12) Body, 13) Matter. Man is led by Mind. The genius ranges from Mind to Intuitive Mind. Silence organised and established takes one to the Higher Mind. Vision takes one to the Illumined Mind. Intuition makes one a genius. Even at the lower levels of Silence and vision, we have a genius of some kind.

Western life knows no such phenomenon, though presently it is superior to ours because they train the student to think, while we encourage memorisation. If our educationists do not have Westernised minds and if they realise the higher spiritual potentials of Indian education, Srinivasa Ramanujams will not be an exception but the rule. Instead of producing scholars, thinkers and experts, Indian universities will be producing geniuses. To explain the process of consciously creating a GENIUS is possible if I write a book on it.
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