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Invocation of Spirit

By Karmayogi

For over a year I have been writing in this column about invoking the Spirit. But every letter I receive asks how to invoke the Spirit. I wrote a long article on it and sent it to the questioners. Many caught the idea. Many more are still in doubt. When you want to go to the post office, you walk. It is an act of the body. Negotiations are conducted at the level of feelings. It is a vital act. Sometime when you don't understand something, you close the book and think. It is a mental act of thinking. Spirit is of Silence. When you want to invoke the Spirit, sit down, close your eyes it may not be necessary stop moving the body, don't talk, DON'T THINK. A stillness descends on the mind. The stillness grows into a QUIET, a calm, and finally becomes SILENCE. Silence is an aspect of the Spirit.

As Silence is one aspect of the Spirit, Peace, Unity, Truth, Knowledge, Power, Beauty, Love, Joy, Infinity and Eternity are also aspects of Spirit. As soon as Silence descends, a great power develops. You feel like getting up and running. When Peace enters you, you see it is full of energy. Light entering the mind answers unresolved questions. Beauty makes you lose yourself. Joy thrills. Love fills the heart. In practice ONLY one aspect enters you. Most people cannot keep quiet. They jump up and act. That is the end of it.

Human problems are very simple to the Spirit. For someone at the age of 41, employment is very important. If only he can SIT quiet for half an hour a day, before long he will find an employment. What I call invocation of Spirit is of greater value. Once some aspect of Spirit descends, one has to be extraordinarily PATIENT till many other aspects also descend on him. At a certain moment, the inner strength becomes sufficient to raise a voice. That voice is the inner human voice, calling the Spirit or the Mother who is the Mother of Spirit. That call releases a spiritual peace, unattainable even in death. It enters the nerves, fills the cells of the body, i.e. the very Being. After such a call is saturated, the inner Spirit itself begins to call the outer Spirit. It is Jivatma calling Paramatma. It is the Individual becoming the Eternal. Man, at that moment, ceases to be a MAN. He becomes the Divine.
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