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Politeness in Matters Spiritual

By Karmayogi

When people are introduced to Mother, in the first few weeks they declare, ‘‘I have worked for twenty years to buy a small piece of land. Now in the last forty days, ever since I came to know HER, two big pieces of lands came to me.'' As they see event after event happening, their natural GOOD WILL impels them to speak of Her to everyone they know. This is not wrong, but leads one nowhere. Some people disbelieve them, others ridicule, yet others ask why they impose their faith on others. Most remain indifferent. The truth is to KNOW Mother is a spiritual privilege. Not all people can listen to someone's enthusiasm. There is one more factor. When your advice falls of deaf ears, later you become ineffective in giving valid advice to those who deserve it. It is a delicate situation or a ticklish question.

An employer was a devotee. His purchasing office called him at 10 a.m. to seek half a day's leave. As the voice was tense and anxious, the employer desired to now if anything was wrong. The Purchase Officer's daughter was going in for an operation to have her appendix removed and the operation was fixed at 11 a.m., hence the anxiety. The employer was a devotee. He desired to suggest prayer, but very much hesitated. Instead, he asked his employee how urgent the operation was. The answer came that at that time his daughter might be inside the theatre and therefore he wanted to rush to the hospital. The employer was at his wit's end and asked another question, ‘‘How essential is the operation?'' The feeling the employer got was that the employee, though he was in a hurry, was anxious to avoid the operation.

'‘If the operation could be avoided .'' said the employer. The employee was in ecstasy to hear that. That made the employer give him a blessing packet. On reaching the operation theatre, the father of the girl listened to the discussion of the doctors about how the operation could be avoided. It was avoided. The words Spirit and soul are different. Our whole bodies, all their parts are made of Spirit. That is why it is Sarvam Brahman. The inner developed part of it is the soul. In times of urgency, the whole body rises in alert. The very Spirit of the being is awake. At those moments, politeness is a bar. When you are addressing the MIND and its opinions, politeness is essential.
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