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Who Will Pay the Two Rupees?

By Karmayogi

There are great occasions in life when vast opportunities knock on one's doors. Life is strange for those who do not know it. Those who know Life, know it is not strange, but its strange ways are its very characteristics. The story of Duryodhana preferring Krishna's army to Krishnaillustrates this theme. When a panel to select a vice-chancellorship was constituted, its most influential member heard of a worthy candidate who was a government officer. He was desirous of appointing the officer as the vice-chancellor. On the day when the Panel member reached the metropolis, the good friend of this honest efficient officer traveled all the way from his place to introduce each one to the other. The government officer had a strange inspiration. He said he had other work. Another name suggested by this Panel member was appointed V C.

The story does not end there. That V C was again appointed at another place as V C and was given a further term. Later he was elevated to national eminence in the field of education. For all this, he who had other work was a far better educational material than the one who readily accepted the offer. Many can recall such instances where a small attitude cancelled a great opportunity. Someone who was chosen as a Chief Minister of his state lost it forever by an insistence on one such idiosyncrasy. A billion dollar project was cancelled when it met with such an attitude.

Small men enjoy being small. Their minds travel in small attitudes. The range is not only comfortable but gives pride of possession. When they occupy power they exercise it with a vengeance. Luck has various attitudes. It rejects such people once and for all. Sometimes it compels than to accept that piece of luck in spite of their insistent refusal. When it does so, the man enjoys the luck once and loses it for the rest of his life. A brilliant boy was refused admission in a famous university.

Someone moved a senate member on his behalf. A compromise was offered. The boy was conscious of the travel expenses involved in that half success. On further insistence of the senate member, he was given the seat. But the boy had not yet received the admission card. When asked to go to the university again, he asked, ‘‘What is the guarantee?
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