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By Karmayogi

Experiences of devotees are unbelievable for those who have not had similar experiences. Though most people readily believe, some express disbelief or exhibit indifference. One reader chose to declare that all that I write might be true, but there must be another side of which I was silent. It was beyond my linguistic or intellectual abilities to explain that MOTHER'S FORCE is infallible. He said that at the age of 40 he was unemployed for over ten years and his prayer was not answered. His experience was true, but in these matters there are several sides which are difficult to see. It baffled me, if it was not a challenge. All my usual answers met with the usual replies of disbelief.

After some prolonged correspondence, it occurred to me that it was easier to give him the result - a job - than convince his sceptical thought. He obliged me when I requested him to visit a center. On the day he visited the center, his daughter got a job. That may have been good, but it did not meet his mental requirement that all prayers are answered. In any situation, there are several issues that help and several others that hinder. Sometimes the person concerned may not know them or, when they do know, may find it difficult to disclose. My efforts yielded a partial solution but I was somewhat disappointed, as it contradicted my experience till then. Three months later came a letter from him saying he got a job after years of unemployment. I was relieved, not only because the problem was solved, but the law stood vindicated.

As I said, it is easier to produce the result than to know the process by which it is brought about. The Process is not final. Beyond the process lies the essence. To know the Process is to permanently possess the capacity to produce the result. One aspect of the Process is to know the correspondence between our inner thoughts and outer results. Most people know that they are ardently seeking something they intensely hate. One man who was selected by MPSC as a gazetted officer had not got the posting for 18 months. If baffled him, but not me, as I had known the fact that he intensely disliked government jobs and for that reason he had once resigned a government job. His own resentment stood in the way of the posting order arriving in time. When we do not reverse our past resentments, TIME heals them, taking its own time.
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