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Prayer is Superfluous

By Karmayogi

A very intelligent person, often, does not think of himself as intelligent. He who often thinks he is intelligent or sometimes proclaims that he is, is one who is not really intelligent but tries to be so. It is true with wealth. Newly rich people are conscious of their wealth and never speak to others without mentioning how much they are worth. Strength, when it is real, is not conscious. Only during the period when you are trying to acquire something new, it occupies the mind. The occupation continues for one or two generations. This is true of power, money, talent, status, etc. This is very true of Mother's devotees. We say constant remembrance is the best attitude. What is better is the inability to remember Mother, as then we are identified with HER.

‘Thanks' is a word used on social occasions to acknowledge a fortuitous help, a good attitude or even a good word. Gratitude is a spiritual emotion. When we feel grateful we express it as thanks. We live in the society in considerable comfort and extended convenience. If you have grandparents, they can tell you item by item how they lived during their days in comparison with what we now enjoy. It needs no long explanation. We take all those comforts - buses, schools, TV, modern conveniences, etc. - for granted. Those who have lived in both the periods occasionally wonder at the present facilities. In fact, one should be grateful to the society for all these comforts.

There are some people endowed with subtle vision. They see the Gods in their dreams. There are others who are endowed with a further subtlety which is the vision of the causal plane, the Supramental plane. When two cars are about to collide, we often see the accident averted by a hair's breadth. It is seen as a white protective hand or a brilliant white light. They see in the bright smile of a child a flash of light or a vibration of sweetness or even God's face. At such moments the vision enters the Being and travels down to the very cells of the BODY. The body thrills. It is an emotion of gratitude that issues from the knowledge that it is God, His Spirit, that upholds us all, all the time.
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