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Evoking a Serious Response from the Divine

By Karmayogi

There are serious occasions in life. When a man's debts rise to double the level of his worth, or a poor girl at the age of 36 wishes for marriage, or many other such things coming under that category happen, normally we dwell on the misfortune. The problem has a refractory character. When you think of it, it draws your energy through that attention maybe we can call it negative attention - and starts growing in strength. Man is not made to forget his misfortune. But when the exam is impending, the boy does push away all his cares and concentrates on the exam. To evoke a serious response from Mother, or to pay a debt twice his value, such a serious response and a call from there is enough.

Someone had such a response. He has written it in a story entitled ‘‘$100,000'', which has gone to print in English and Tamil. He describes there all the tricks, suspicions, and doubts of the MIND. As it was his true experience put into a fictional context, I decided to publish it. As one reads the story, one feels a parallel to one of his own situations, when he sees how the atmosphere is cranky, life is refractory and enforces his past experience. There one can see HOW this Force works. Many experience that their calls are answered. Many other people say there is no response for their call. It only means the call, the strength of the call, does not match or overcome the strength of the problem. The moment they match, the atmosphere changes, people are different, and life responds positively. That is to evoke a serious response from the Divine.

Such problems are common in life. They need no enumeration. They should not afflict a man. Should such problems come, one goes to the astrologer. He mostly gives a polite answer, ‘‘You have to be patient.'' Rarely does he say it will be over in a particular period, which often comes true. An unjust loss of a government job, a brother or partner cheating because there is no written record for a huge sum, a child lost and not found for weeks, a man separated from his wife for years, etc. are problems of that type. Those who are so suffering MUST be capable of the serious concentration of a student on the eve of the exam, instead of dwelling on the misfortune and strengthening it.
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