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Initial Response of the Divine

By Karmayogi

Religious worship is for all. Spirituality is for those who have the call. There was a time when bicycle was for all and car was meant for the wealthy elite.This is not longer so. At least in America, everyone owns a car, which was at one time as much a rarity there as it was here fifty years ago. Again, those who needed a car were expected to deposit the full amount months in advance and wait for the delivery. It is again no longer so. Even loans are liberally advanced to salaried employees to buy a car.

Thousand years ago, when education was meant for the royalty and aristocracy of the priests, the common man was prohibited from reading on pain of punishment. Now education is widespread. Scholarships are awarded in plenty and all possible support, help, encouragement is given to everyone, down to the last person, to be educated and well-employed.

There was a time when spirituality was meant for one who could go to the forest, sleep on a bed of nails, etc.
Now since 1956 when the Force descended, the right to enjoy a higher spirituality is waiting at the door of everyone, provided he has aspiration. By aspiration it means the aspiration of the Soul.

For the mind to aspire it has to become silent, at least stop the running thoughts, which is a feat even for a yogi. That evokes the initial response which solves our ordinary problems. To explain the next level of response, the concentration required is the concentration of a student on the eve of the exam. A mere nobody who was attending to harvest in the field, by the merest chance was elected an MP. In that moment, he was in a daze of surprise. Such a thing can be evoked by a misfortune. Misfortune or good fortune, we see it is a
MOMENT when one cannot think at all, as the mind is no longer there. That is the next level of concentration of aspiration to evoke a wider response from the Divine which brings an inconceivable opportunity such as the 13th person in an all-India institution made the Chairman overlooking the previous 12 people.

The fourth level alongside the fifth and sixth level of devotion is yogic. To put it in our terms, the fourth level makes one world famous. It is one of reputation burdened with responsibility. The fifth level elevates one into causeless joy and its ever-fresh cheerfulness which has no material equivalent in human life. The sixth level is where one not only attains the Immutable, ineffable Brahman inside, but witnesses its flowering in human life.
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