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Significant Response Opportunity

By Karmayogi

Life was negative with a vengeance until 1900, maybe until the end of World War II. It made survival difficult. Most people struggled to hold on to what they had. The question of opportunity was unheard of. When Benjamin Disraeli became the Prime Minister of England, he described his rise as, ‘‘At last I have reached the top of the greasy pole.''

In an expressive proverb it is said here that if we rise six inches, there is a slide down of 12 inches awaiting us around the corner. It was so because Mind was not sufficiently organised in those days. Life is a lower force, which was stronger than Mind. Those were days when survival at any level was difficult. The goal was to save what one had, if he had anything.

Nowadays, we hear the opposite. Those who were nobodies rise to the top by what we call a stroke of luck. In Americaover a period of two or three hundred years, Man rose like that. All kinds of day labourers became millionaires. They achieved it not by a stroke of luck, but by hard work, the likes of which no man would want to work for even one full day. Americaentered luck, but the hard way.

Ours is a spiritual country. The very soil is spiritual. So, our opportunities are different. Someone, in an advantageous position, easily achieves the same result that others work hard for. For a third level of concentration, we get a response from life. It is not a solution of the problem. The character changes to the opposite. Such a change is known as transformation. Moving to a third level of depth or concentration, these problems are transformed into opportunities.

Two young people who were unconsciously moving to such depths were introduced to another person who spoke five languages and worked in several countries. He was impressed by their general ability and invited them to prepare a Project Report for 1 billion dollars and take charge of a few important activities related to them. He offered a commission to them of which they were not capable of dreaming. When life turns from its false, dark, negative character to true, bright, positive character, inconceivable things like this open and seek you. It is to evoke a significant response form the Divine. Its basis is ever-increasing cheerfulness. Its strategy is GOOD WILL. So far I have spoken about life. The further responses are essentially yogic, but I hope to stretch them to touch life at least at one point.
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