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Deep Response from the Divine

By Karmayogi

The Divine wishes to give us the Deepest Response. Only that we ask of Him trivial things. To rely on the Divine in the worst of circumstances is the only condition for deserving such a response. Human love is celebrated over the ages. One cannot see a famous film or read a popular novel without the theme of love. Man longs for that. The heart yearns for it. If only that is granted, it gives the pride of life, says a great poet. Mother says human love is full of selfishness. Friendship, trust, confidence, good will, goodness, and affection are rare. If found, they are there over a bottle or across the table of playing cards. Nehru and Patel gave such confidence to Gandhiji full of love and submission. But they do not survive the test of life.

One who enjoyed such affection from several quarters felt a fulfilment that is rare and sought no further advancement in any sector of life. In one of those rare individuals, he found a rich fulfilment that was rare. Life came with its test. This was so sacred a relationship that it was untouched by mercenary selfishness. It only enhanced the sweetness of the intimacy. One may rise above human smallness, but it is not easy to rise to the divine greatness. The divine test arrived. The human rose to the fore. It had not put up the usual smallness of a petty heart, but now gave in to one such claim. The sacred sweetness was unconsciously sacrificed. The recipient had staked his all on that proximity. Because he was a devotee, he did not collapse. He survived, but was lifeless without that source of emotional enrichment. He could maintain the cheerfulness outside, but inside he was empty. Mother says such a moment is the best for calling Her. The devotee had no strength even to call Her. He did lose faith in life, not in Mother, but Mother did not rise as the same old enjoyable enrichment. Still, the devotee was resolute in his faith, not as austerity or frustration. But he could not raise his human heart to that of its old wholesomeness. There was a sudden development, unexpected. Along with the sacred friendship was lost all sustenance emanating from managing 100 acres. The sudden development was so sudden that in five minutes, twice that sustenance with a greater ownership was readily GIVEN to him. Mother is great. That evening, She gave the deepest response. The person who offered the magnificent response came to the devotee seeking him and pleading with him to accept five times more than what was offered that morning. Mother gave him spiritual magnificence, but the foolish human heart longed for the sweetness of the lost human love.
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