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Yogic Response from the Divine

By Karmayogi

There are people whose souls are ripe below the surface. They live an ordinary life on the surface, as the soul is not expressing itself. When they come to Mother, they are filled with a SILENCE one gets after twenty years of tapas, they hear venuganam, and find the hot road at 1 pm chill with birds singing celestial music, etc. Some of them come here to Mother and feel an exultation in Spirit, experiencing seven hours as a half an hour. One couple came to have darshan of Mother and Sri Aurobindo and did not find them in their seats. Instead, they saw an ocean of Light. The vision of Sri Aurobindo in the jail when he saw the convicts as Narayana is one such yogic response.

One sceptical devotee who was unwilling to make pranams to Mother saw Her feet golden and was moved. Another man asked Mother if it was true that She was Kali, Eswari, Lakshmi etc. She revealed to him Her four aspects in succession in the original divine form. A young lady saw Mother in the terrace Darshan changing into Sri Aurobindo. A crazy man who had a subtle vision saw Mother at her 90th age as a young girl of 25. When he saw Her photograph showing Her age, he abused everyone saying that there was something wrong about the place. Until he saw Her young age photos, no one could convince him that Mother was 90.

Mother gives the yogic Response to those who are yogically ripe. Sri Ramana Maharshi saw a dead body and tried to imitate its poise. He went directly into Samadhi, as he was already Jivan Mukta. Yogic response comes as subtle vision, inner voice, spiritual smell, etc. When people make pranams to Mother's picture, they see Her emerge out of it with real life.

India is a spiritual land. It is right spiritually endowed persons develop their spiritual potential. As they are in life, they follow the social or religious path. The time has come to discard the routine life of the material world or retreat into the forest shunning life. The greatest spiritual seekers of Indiahave for years called down Peace, Truth and Light. When they descend, the race will reach the heights of its destiny which will take it to unparalleled heights. The call is to go forth from the soil of Indiaso that the entire humanity might respond.
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