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Uniqueness is a Type

By Karmayogi

In the history of the world, we have witnessed power struggle of all descriptions. One who has all the power in his own hands giving it away to others is not heard of in the history of the world. Mahatma Gandhiji did so. Therefore, he was unique. What is unique joins the list of wonders of the world. It is true some men are unique, and many things are unique. Its opposite also is true. Nothing can ever be unique. If you buy a rare camera in your town and it is not available anywhere in your town or any other town, it does not mean some company produced only that camera. Just because it is not seen anywhere, it does not become unique. Some company has produced somewhere many such cameras and one by some chance has reached our town and our hands.

Unless the whole society unconsciously prepares for something, no single pioneer can rise anywhere. Historically, what was unique at one time has become commonplace later. There is a Gandhiji in each of us. But we have seen only one Gandhiji. It is easy for man to consider himself unique. Those who have studied human personality often hear from others or everyone, ‘‘I am not one of those many. I have not met a man like me. In all modesty, I can say I am the only one who has this capacity - I am unique.'' In the writings of great playwrights or novelists, we rarely meet a character repeated. It gives us the impression that that character is unique. The truth is uniqueness belongs to a type.

Democracy is an institution that illustrates it well. The monarch who ruled the country is now found in each individual who has the power to vote. For a long time I have been vainly explaining this FACT to a foreigner whenever he is struck by the Indian wisdom. It does not belong to that one man from whom he hears it. It is there in the entire population. We may wonder at an Englishman fluently speaking English, but we forget that everyone in England speaks so. Recently I came to know an idealist, an efficient, good man who gave up a lucrative job to serve the cause he believes in. This is the first time I have met such a one. To me it means there are a great many idealists in this country. When such people come to rule the country, India will raise her head in her original spiritual splendour.
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