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Conceptualisation is Mental Consciousness

By Karmayogi

We are unconscious in many ways. When we travel a short distance in the train, it never occurs to us how the train arrived and departed in time. There is an organisation - a vast huge organisation - behind a train running between two stations or destinations. We do not normally conceive of it. When explained it will be an obvious, simple, inescapable fact. Paul Johnson says the Jews have the gift for thus giving formulation new conceptions. Mother would say, it is to be 'Mentally conscious'. The result is a mental organisation.

Some 20 years ago a world famous economist doubted whether India could rise out of poverty. Today he is a Planning Commission Member. He sees the abundant possibilities in the country, but very little could be done. It is a frustrating experience for him. In 1994 the International Commission on Peace and Food gave a call for guaranteed employment in India and converted it into a feasible programme to produce 100 million jobs in 10 years. In spite of the Government's enthusiasm about the report, it became a non-starter. Today the Planning Commission's Vision 2020 report repeats that call. The Election Manifesto of the Congress has picked it up. Another party too has done so. A CONCEPT forms in the mind when the MIND is conscious.

Translated into fact India will have no unemployment. Once the scheme is detailed, it looks obvious and simple. But to conceive of it, Johnson says, one needs a special genius. Man's miseries are many. He starts from poverty, disease, ignorance, violence, loneliness, terrorism, recession etc., because the human MIND is unconscious. Once the mind becomes conscious, the answers to all his needs and problems are readily available. They also appear obvious.

Invoking Mother makes one spiritually conscious, opening up the infinite possibilities of life's spiritual opportunities.

Out of the 500 Nobel Prizes awarded since 1901, more than a hundred have been given to Jews. This is mental clarity. One can practise it in his own domestic life, official life, or even in the national life. It is high time every Indian realises that he possesses that capacity, of course, as a potential which can be developed.
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