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Person Beyond Personality

By Karmayogi

The word ‘personality' is used in many senses sanctioned by the language. It is most commonly used in a sense language does not grant it. A tall, handsome, well-built person is often described as a good personality. Any of us or, at least, most of us have two sets of behaviour. One is what we put up outside. The other is what we are inside. I refer to the first as outer personality and the other as inner personality. The PERSON lies beyond both of them. The outer personality rises or falls with the outer circumstances. The inner personality too does it, but it does so privately. We call people of more outer personality shallow or even silly. People of inner personality are described as serious people. They give deep consideration to any thing, plan with foresight and execute it with capacity.

Sometimes such serious personalities are gripped with a problem - e.g. depression - and the more they dwell on it, the more it grows. We do not realise that our attention to a problem is energy. It energises the problem. It never strikes us that if we stop worrying, the problem will vanish. Someone running a new school was not able to get electric connection for 2 years, despite intensive effort. All the local efforts were in vain. Suddenly a friend of the management rose to be a member of the Electricity Board in another state. He took interest in the school and things began to move. The management was fully relieved to see the poles, wire and work etc. They were told that in two months they will get the connection. The person in charge was so relieved and felt even two months is the shortest possible time. He had to leave the country that week on a Tuesday. On the same day he received news that all the work is nearing completion and the connection will be given on Monday.

If you are one who often meets with luck, please recall some events which were pleasant surprises. Also recall, if possible, the state of mind you were in. Invariably they would have been MOMENTS when you have gone beyond the outer and inner Personalities. In life, such a moment brings luck. In Spirit such moments bring GRACE. The grace that comes to the person beyond the inner and outer personalities, brings happiness and success in life. It is the human person. Beyond that lies the spiritual Person. What he receives is Spiritual realisation.
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