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Effective Microorganisms

By Karmayogi

The small is significant. We realise it only when things go wrong. The value of things is seen only in their absence. We have heard of micronutrients in agriculture. When the value of vitamins was first discovered, medical science found that permanent ailments could be cured by small doses of the missing vitamins. A Japanese scientist working in agriculture accidentally noticed the inherent value of MICROORGANISMS. He found them effective, developed his theory, practised it and published books on it 10 or 15 years ago. He called it EM, effective microorganism. His theory is interesting.

To him the life of the soil is infinitely larger than we are using. We use, according to him, only 5 p.c. of the effectivity of the soil. He calls that part positive. As against it, following the natural law of opposite dualities, there is 5 p.c. of negative effectivity in the soil. The rest of the 90 p.c. of the soil is neutral. Suppose, for some reason the positive 5% is increased to 10 p.c. the neutral 90 p.c. shows a tendency to turn positive and that makes the soil rich. He says it is true even if the 5 p.c. is increased to 6 p.c. His practice was successful. He wrote books on it. They were welcomed by an eager market. Now he says farmers from several countries including India have started using it. He does not give the name of the place. His continued experiments and their increasing success led him to think that earth's pollution can thus be neutralised. He extended his experiments to human health and even there met with striking success.

Micronutrients are physical. Microorganisms are of life - vital - and we can extend it to the MIND. Their representative in the mind is opinion. Change one opinion of yours, a miserable life becomes a happy life. There lies the value of HUMAN CHOICE. Business in the West is booming. One of the reasons is they have changed their opinion about the customer. Originally the idea was the customer should buy what is sold or produced. Now they find out what the customer wants and produce it. Sales have boomed.

Let us take a family where the atmosphere is quarrelsome. Let them teach themselves to look at the ISSUE from another man's point of view. Suddenly all quarrels will vanish. When the spirit is awake it is capable of seeing the other man's point of view easily.
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