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By Karmayogi

For several decades I have been dreaming of writing a story or making a film to convey the message that India is potentially richer than any rich nation on earth. My contacts with writers held in repute by my people led me nowhere. Some wrote after a fashion which I published. At last I myself wrote a ‘‘story'' which is really an essay in the shape of a dialogue. It was quite disappointing. Serialising it in my journal, I was surprised at the welcome it received. Then Bob wrote Legend of Brahman. I was thrilled by it. It is philosophical.

Chandrasekaran is a devotee who had been to New Zealand for some time. He writes to me every month. Except that his handwriting is a fascinating beauty, I do not know anything about him. Recently he wrote a story ‘‘$100,000'' in English. I liked it very much and I wished several others to read it. He has created a plot that touches every man in distress.

Many people reach the frontiers of human misery and stay there forever. Some manage to emerge out of it. The territory of human oppressiveness is known to many, maybe all. Reaching its borders MAN is utterly helpless, loses faith in God, loses faith in himself, which is the end of his existence. Mother says it is the most splendid moment to call Her, since at this point one is psychologically unencumbered. She can, at that virgin moment, respond fully and richly to fill his being with the Touch the Divine alone can give.

Chandrasekaran's story touched me deeply. I am no reader of stories, though I have read many for other purposes. I wanted him to translate it into Tamil, if possible. He has done it and it penetrated the psychological fabric. Not able to sleep at 3 a.m., I tried to read it hoping it would put me to sleep. It woke me up. I understand the plot of the story is a true one.

William Golding, the Nobel Prize Winner, said that story remains a powerful medium. A story directly communicates the complex logic of higher life in simple words, stirring up one's emotions that is existence. I feel I should drop a copy of this story at 6 a.m. before the door of every house in India, so that Mother will reach the human hearts to light up the golden flame of the Supramental light. It is, I know well, the superstition of a shallow heart that prides in its silly ambition. Mother does not reach the population like that. She waits outside your doors for a loving yearning of the inner flame. I wish to send this book at cost price to those who seek it, in the sterling hope that the GOLDEN gate in their own hearts will open to the spiritual splendour of what the Rishis have given us and what Sri Aurobindo has raised it to as the HOUR OF GOD. The books are published in English and Tamil under the pen names William Learner and Samarpanan.
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