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Wisdom After the Event

By Karmayogi

When a puzzling problem harasses one, everyone tries to help him with an idea, but in vain. At last when somehow the problem is solved, its solution looks simple and obvious. To know what is obvious after the event beforehand is wisdom. It is said anyone can suggest meaningful alterations to a house after it is built, as it requires no intelligence. To do so before the construction, one needs forethought.

The success of the Congress has taken the nation by surprise, but before the elections that was not evident. Maybe before the elections it was true that Congress faced a debacle. A week before the elections, Congress declared that employment should be guaranteed. They went one step further to announce that after the elections, at the very first Cabinet meeting, a decision will be taken to guarantee employment. I do not know how the Congress arrived at this decision. A senior economics advisor to the Congress proposed that a commission should be set up to eradicate poverty and unemployment. He too did not expect Congress to win the elections. The movement of social evolution all over the world is towards full employment. Congress leadership has recognised this trend and thrown their lot along that line. So, the evolutionary energy has changed a negative election atmosphere into one of positive atmosphere. Anyone can be wise after the event. But very few can be so before the event. If you want to acquire that wisdom, recognise the direction in which the nation and society are moving and take your decisions accordingly.

The Future is for freedom, not superstition; it is for the emancipation of all the downtrodden, not for the oppressor; is for modern technology, not for hundred year old technology; it is for youth and children, not for the old; it is for knowledge, not for degrees; it is for honesty and integrity, not for corruption and nepotism; it is for self-giving, not for selfishness; it is for democracy, not for dictatorship; it is for the pioneering individual, not for the superstitious tradition; it is for MAN, not for MONEY; it is for thinking, not for memorisation; it is for an original ideal, not for the powerful organisation built around it. The Future is for Spirituality, not for religion and religious rituals.
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