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Maximum Becomes the Minimum

By Karmayogi

In the field of spirituality, the phrase ‘the Infinite emerges out of the finite' occurs constantly. In human life, such a phenomenon is understood as a miracle. Sri Aurobindo says miracles can become commonplace. This is achieved in a variety of ways. One such method is to reach perfection and make it flawless at all points of work. Such a method will apply to a losing concern, a booming company, a household, an office, in agriculture or any work anywhere. This is a well-known method widely practised, but rarely elevated to perfection, especially flawless perfection. If it is achieved, it may not be achieved at all points. Raised to that level, what is the maximum possible for any person becomes the minimum for us. Whether it is writing a letter or commissioning a machine into action or cooking a meal and serving it, it can be broken down into 10, 20 or 50 smaller functions. They are called Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs. When the list is shown to another, he must not be able to add even one missing step. When no small step has been overlooked or taken for granted, the SOP for that item of work becomes perfect. If someone who is new can take that SOP and from that can run the machine or do the work well, the SOP becomes FLAWLESS. Flawless perfection has the capacity to transform our consciousness from the human to the Spiritual. At home or in the office or in a company, there are a hundred or two hundred such functions letter writing, Xeroxing, despatching, answering phone calls, running a machine, etc. etc. SOP writing must cover all the functions without missing even one, however small it is.

For doing this much, a losing concern will become an earning proposition. A company that earns good profits will double them. Family income will rise 100 percent. Add the Spirit to it, which means in doing each single act or before writing each single item of the SOP, call the Spirit - think of the Spirit or the Mother. By qualifying on all these three scores: 1. writing down the SOP to flawless perfection; 2. writing an SOP for every function without missing any, and 3. thinking of Mother at each point, a locally successful company will spread all over the state or India. That is the Infinite emerging out of the finite, the Maximum becoming our minimum. To accomplish this, one must exhaust all his energies. Any obscure family that comes forward to do so in their family life will soon be raised to national status. The Infinite lies buried in the Finite. This method brings it out. Of course, one cannot think the writing by itself will yield the result, though it is partly true. One must implement what is written down.
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