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Subtle Knowledge of Professionals

By Karmayogi

Knowledge is mental. Knowledge of work, such as running a machine, is physical knowledge. Knowledge of how to handle people is vital knowledge. All this has its subtle dimensions. A knowledge devoid of this subtle component is incapable of producing the result.

A hardworking, sincere lawyer often loses his cases. A doctor who is well qualified and painstaking finds most of his patients are not cured. A public speaker who has a wealth of details finds his speech invariably flat. But, there are lawyers who win most of their cases, doctors who invariably cure and speakers who elicit applause. Any work has a subtle part. It produces the results, not the physical labour. We call it rasi. Add the subtle touch to the work, and it will be a success without exception. Without the subtle touch, there is labour but no results. Add Mother to subtlety, the result rises in quantity and quality. We get infinite results.

What I call Mother can be called Spirit in a general sense. Those who do not have this subtle sense are the plodders in any profession. They rarely receive their promotion. If they invoke the Spirit, even if they do not get the infinite result the Spirit can give, they will acquire the subtle touch and get the result which has evaded them until now. They need not stop there, if they are willing to evoke the Spirit continuously. Markers in the playground, vakil's clerks in the Court, caddies on the golf course, and pharmacists in hospitals are often found to be more capable and popular than those under whom they serve. There was one such vakil's clerk. When his lawyer died, he did not go to another lawyer. He set up his own practice. He engaged lawyers who had no cases, instructed them and invariably won the cases. He conducted his appeals in the High Court in a similar fashion.

Those who have the subtle knowledge will rise sky high if they invoke the Spirit. One who joined a company as a manager took to the Spirit and his work boomed. The company offered him twice the bonus they originally promised. He was content with what had been promised. The Spirit emerged through his absence of greed. Three years later, he owned the company. Subtle knowledge gives guaranteed results. When the Spirit is added to that, that result becomes an infinite result. This is a rule without exception.
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