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Effective Communication

By Karmayogi

Communication is complex. Speakers, teachers, writers, employers who give instructions, and lawyers who plead their cases try to communicate their viewpoints. When they fail in their endeavour, they blame it on the lack of understanding on the part of the hearer.

A lawyer was faced with a dull judge. As his arguments were not appreciated, he repeated them. Even then, the judge desired one more repetition. The lawyer complied with the suggestion of the judge. No communication was achieved. It is said that the lawyer in frustration exclaimed, ‘‘Your Lord, I can only offer an argument. I am incapable of offering an understanding to your Lordship.'' Einstein says if one understands his theory fully, he must be capable of explaining it even to a child. The complex theories of one century are taught in the schools in the next century. It means it is possible to make the difficult propositions simple, if not now, then sometime later.

It is true that as and when one understands his own ideas more and more, his explanations of them become simpler and simpler. Explanations remaining complex is an indication of lack of fuller understanding on the part of the exponent. Sri Aurobindo's philosophy has earned the reputation of being incomprehensible. For over forty years I have been at pains to render it simpler and have not succeed beyond the first level, when all of Tamilnadu has readily accepted Mother and Sri Aurobindo with gratitude. That is for the prayers so far unanswered. I was unable to put across my view that change of our opinion is the next level of receptivity which can bring in far greater opportunities. My articles have not succeeded in communicating that idea - an idea that can usher one into luck.

Chandrasekaran's story $100,000 - in Tamil 50 lakhs - succeeded where I failed. As soon as the printed book was released, it received a welcome which none of the previous fifty publications received. Story is a form of effective communication. Writers who can tell any idea through a story are Masters of Communication. The Mahabharata is still popular not because it is a story, but because it conveys Indian philosophy through stories. When a devotee appeared on the TV and spoke about The Life Divine the bookstall here sold as many copies of the book as they would normally sell in three months.
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