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Opening of the Being to its Depths

By Karmayogi

A devotee visited Balcony Darshan of The Mother at 6:15 am. At 8 am, he again had Her darshan, coming in a queue before Her with the sadhaks and visitors. At 5:30 pm the same day She was at the playground where again, sitting in the audience, he saw Her. He returned to his town. Work made him pass through Pondicherry the next day. He availed of this to be at the Balcony Darshan. On his return from work, he had to pass through Pondicherry again. For a third day he had the Darshan of The Divine Mother at the Balcony. His first visit was August 15th, a darshan day. It was a Sunday. People around him commented that there was a change in him since he had visited the Ashram. They noticed he spoke less than usual. He was quiet. There was a calm about him which was mistaken for dullness. On Friday, he too noticed the change in himself.

Standing before The Mother, his being was split open down to the body consciousness. He unconsciously received the Force She was pouring into him. His mind had gone blank during those days. It was unable to think, except for responding to questions. He was not aware of the response his being gave Her to Her touch. Nor was he conscious that at that moment, unconsciously, his being committed itself to Her fully. There was no question of any description in his mind or being. There was nothing to choose. There were no two options before him. His being went to Her without his knowledge or consent. The consent was automatic. In one sense, such a thing happens to all who come to Her sooner or later. Most of us are unaware of how our being leaps to the Divine at Her Touch. This was an impersonal response, though full.

To a personal call, the devotee responds with a speechless wonder. When the call strikes the ear, the faculty of hearing is robbed. The mind itself disappears. The touch goes down to the body consciousness evoking a sensation of sweetness that is the result of human gratitude from the substance of the body. Someone's business jumped fifteen-fold in seven months as a result of service and he lost it in the next one year because of insistent human behaviour. He decided to go within. There he saw seven blocks. He worked on them to remove them. In a matter of days, all that was lost came back and from there opened a further potential of ten-fold expansion. At such moments, the being of the devotee experiences an opening as the devotee at the Balcony Darshan felt. It is a moment of Spiritual Truth, an occasion when the ONE touches one of the Many. Opening, receptivity, sincerity, consecration, surrender, transformation, Being of the Becoming are key ideas in the yoga of Sri Aurobindo.
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