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The Meaningfulness of the Medium

By Karmayogi

What happens on its own is an act of God - Grace choosing to act in our lives. It is an ideal of the tradition. For the human nature that is dynamic and full of urges, to wait for events to overcome its course is simply not possible. Whether it is difficult or impossible, it has remained a truth of life. Any great man or small man can still find it to be a better truth of his own life. That being the general status of the generality of population, there are those who take upon the discipline to wait for things to happen. In their lives, the impossible becomes a literal truth, before their very eyes. Human nature persists. He who patiently waited all these days and made a certain miraculous event come to pass now finds himself going against his own discipline. His patience was rewarded in the beginning. After some time, say a few months or years, life responds to his impatience. One who relies on the Spirit has a remedy.

In one case when such a patience was exhibited, he was rewarded with a property double the size of the property he was about to lose. The patience he exhibited in attracting the vaster property was lost as soon as the new property came. He took it as an act of God. He forgot Grace had come to him through a human medium. For over ten years he resorted to various partial disciplines and was rewarded with partial results. At last, God through life removed all the encumbrances encrusted over the property and made a complete present of it to him. He heaved a sigh of relief, not knowing that there is no end to such disciplines, as there is no end to breathing or heartbeat. He discovered very late that the property that fell plump into his life was not earning at all. Half the project was a success - property came. The other half income - was elusive. It took more than a decade, almost two decades for him to realise that the MEDIUM through which God acted is also God.

To consider the instrument too as God, the origin of grace, is to invite divine luck. Man's normal tendency is to avoid the medium as soon as he receives the result. Hence the proverb about the teacher as a ladder which elevates everyone who climbs it, but remains stay-put. Human life is unconscious. The resourcefulness of human nature lies in being conscious in its unconsciousness. He who is unconscious of Grace takes conscious steps to eliminate the instrument that delivers the boon. A belief in psychology is if you disclose your defects to anyone, however close he is to you now, you will soon be estranged from him. It is so because he reminds you of what you have told him. In your mind, he is identified with your own defect. Hence you do not wish for his company anymore. Life fulfils your subconscious aspiration removing him from your purview.
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