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The Value of Precision

By Karmayogi

After the improved versions of telescope arrived, scientists have calculated the time required for the orbit of Mercury and found a variation of 43 seconds in a century! Experimental science demands precision to the second. Science is a MARVEL today on the strength of discovery, forging fresh new tools of measurement, securing greater knowledge of metals, gases and all other things, their dedication to Truth and several other things. One of the basic requirements of science is precise precision. Those who know the subtle truths of life know the Science of Life too demands equal precision. By which one of your pens you have signed your letter later decides whether you are going to end up as a senior executive of a huge corporation or its CEO. We know of life sciences. We are yet to know of the Science of Life.

No one needs to found the Science of Life as it is well developed in all ancient civilisations. Egypt had an occult civilisation. The Mayan civilisation was subtle. The Indian civilisation was subtle and spiritual. The Chinese knew all the subtle nerve centres and had developed a sophisticated system of cure by manipulating these centres. When Duryodhana eeded the support of Krishna in the war, he went to him and found Krishna asleep. He waited for Krishna to wake up, sitting at the head of the bed. Arjuna too reached there at the same time for the same purpose. Hetoo waited on the same bed sitting at Krishna's feet. The position of their seats decided the result of the war. The difference between victory and defeat in the war was decided by their different seating positions, though their positions were only six feet apart. There are men who have been vastly successful in life. There are others who have narrowly missed the crown. From them we can find that the difference between the two opposite outcomes is after all a hair's breadth.

On arrival at Pondicherry, the Mother was walking towards the house of Sri Aurobindo. A man on the road showed Her the house. She took down that man's address and wrote to him every month from 1914 till the end, thanking him for showing Her the Master's house. She enclosed a little money every time as a token of gratitude. It was not as if She would not have found the house without his assistance. That tiny little act of that man had the power to decide whether she was to end up as one of the sadhaks of the Ashram or the Divine Mother. It was Her perception of that significance that made Her eternally grateful to one on the road. When you invoke the Spirit, removing the inner dark spots, and find a fifty crre opportunity that was lost being restored and opening a 200 crore opportunity, if you are spiritually perceptive, you will see the significance of every little moment as well as movement.
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