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Perfection and Lapse

By Karmayogi

The Gita declares we should not be attached to the fruits of our work. It talks about desire. Desire is to be given up. Further, the Gita pleads for the shedding of the ego. Finally, the Gita exhorts us to surrender all our dharmas - sarvadharma - and come to Him. These are all the several stages of perfection according to the Gita. The Lord takes upon Himself the duty of leading jivatma to moksha when he treads this path. This is a profound spiritual truth which will lead one to Purushothama. This is a path meant for the ripe individual soul. Spirituality is not meant for the unripe soul or for those who are not serious.

We know the twentieth century as the century where science has enriched life. Science, especially technology has made the results of great scientific achievements available for the common man. The unattainable is made attainable. Alongside, the common man has risen in political stature by virtue of the fact that his rights are increasingly recognised.

The great goals of spirituality were meant for the chosen few. The time has come for the greater goals to be made available for all those who seek them. Moksha is the crown of tapas. The kingdom of God on earth is a greater spiritual goal. The Force that descended on earth in 1956 puts that kingdom at the disposal of every aspiring soul. A greater goal requires a greater qualification. And that is utter Truthfulness. As commerce has brought science to the masses through technology, this Force is bringing the high heavens to all, as it seeks men, thus reversing the roles of aspiring man and answering Godhead. A government that offers guaranteed employment seeks the welfare of men who were seeking a job till then. It shows an evolutionary maturity in the society.

The collective of humanity seeks inner well-being when its external needs are overfulfilled. Mankind aspires for a pollution-free world. While the disposal of nuclear waste is no mean accomplishment, plans are afoot to set up four hundred nuclear power projects in Asia in the coming decade. Some people in such movements are anxious to get rid of such dangerous moves. One man's perfection can save the world is what Sri Aurobindo laid down. Whatever the problem, if one man in any such field can aspire for that Force to come into his own Perfect Work, that problem will be solved for the world, be it poverty or unemployment or radioactive fallout. This is the spiritual possibility the Force has made available to all men since 1956. When people succeed in such ventures, Mother says it is not announced by the beat of drums.
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