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Moving Away from the Surface Mind

By Karmayogi

The human heart longs for a chain of comedy. Life is a practical reality, not an endless comedy. The child wishes only a glorious happy sequence. Fairy tales provide them copiously. Life is not without a rare possibility of such comedies. A perceptive author, averse to the tragic side of life, captures that vibration and ends the story with several weddings. Critics frown on them for fairy story endings. Shakespeare wrote 400 years ago. He wrote several comedies. The life realities he wanted to give the world came out as his four tragedies. Dreaming of eternal comedies belongs to the unreality of the surface mind.

Life's reality lies below in the subliminal. The world awoke to the hidden possibilities of life around 1900 AD. But the darker side of life insisted on its reality and its power. Mankind had to face them and overcome them in the shape of two world wars. The burst of abundance, at least in some parts of the world, the great hope held out to others for similar progress after the wars, especially after the Cold War, is unmistakable. In our country, after the advent of freedom, the society through the government has offered support to the suppressed sections, creating unprecedented legal opportunity for those sections to rise and enjoy a prosperity that was not there earlier. Software emerged as a trade possibility and proved a boon to everyone who entered that field. The oppressed of yesterday are the liberated of today. The banks that have been sent to rural areas to serve the farmers in a big way, during the course of their service, discovered that rural deposits do serve them in as big a way. Education is determined not only to liberate some sections of the society but offers higher opportunities so far unheard of.

In one sense, every section of the population in every country is being offered an opportunity they have not conceived of so far. Law, freedom, reservation, computer, technology, commerce, foreign travel, tourism, athletics, etc. open up such possibilities to different sections of people. A few lucky people, lucky all their lives, NOW find that they meet with luck or fame which even their lucky life had not anticipated. To them - quite a few of them all over the world in all walks of life - it is a mystery. During Her life, Mother had constantly received such reports. In them She saw the Force in action. The report of the Editor of Life Magazine who suffered a penicillin shock and who fought death spreading over his body was cited by Her. Death stopped and reversed when it touched his heart. Spirit offers to all what law, business and government offer to some. This is not the Spirit that takes man away from life, but the Spirit that enters life so that life itself can become SPIRITUAL.
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