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By Karmayogi

The author of The Vital Difference during a conversation, came to a list of indispensable disciplines. He found cleanliness on the top of the list and said, ''The importance of cleanliness cannot be over-emphasized. I have heard enough.'' Whatever Mother's devotees know or not, they know the significance of cleanliness. Most of them follow it seriously. It is always seen that cleanliness defies perfection at many points. We give in. That is the point that decides whether we go to the next level of life or not.

In India, we are proud of our influential relatives and friends. Often it is readily mentioned. That may get your work accomplished now, but it stands effectively in the way of your rising from the middle class status to that of the upper middle class. This is always lost sight of. In a family that had come by an easily marketable product, the brothers divided their interest. One of them was adept at availing every opportunity. He would ask anyone for any help. His business soared and he rose to great heights in a few years. He fell down as quickly as he rose. There was another who by some chance or mischance came to be in close position to one who is politically very influential. He chose not to disclose the relationship. Several people came to know of the relationship, but he would rather not receive any help on this score. He steadily rose and continued to rise. He crossed the heights reached by his brother.

NRI children refuse simple help when offered, as they are trained at foreign schools to do things by themselves. We may decide to follow this ideal of cleanliness or any ideal, but soon we hear from all sides, ''This is too much. You are making a fuss.'' At this point, we give up, as the social disapprobation is too much for us. A devotee became serious about accounting, observation, cleanliness, correspondence, analysis, etc. He was branded as an impractical member of the family. He wrote his accounts regularly and when he found Rs 2 unaccounted for, spent hours on finding it. At last, he gave it up in despair. He once saw cement on drain pipes and wanted to clean it. Even the workers had a questioning smile. The cement could not be easily removed. The pipes had to be replaced at some cost. Many people raised their brows. He was selling a product at home. That evening a phone call came from a customer of his. She used to buy for Rs 100. His was not business, but a kind of hobby cum work. She was a regular customer of his. buying Rs. 100 at a time. That day she ordered for Rs 3,000. To him, it was a further confirmation of the principle of cleanliness. It struck him with force. He saw in this small event the FORCE being attracted by the atmosphere of cleanliness. The small matters. It is significant. We are tempted to ask, ''If the small is not significant, what else is?''
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